``Let's Raise Kid To Be Entrepreneurs.``

– Cameron Herold


About The Programme

The Youngpreneur Program by Edutalks Magazine and LearnShare Consulting has been designed to mentor, support, and guide young minds on entrepreneurship skills. Along with this, we aim to equip the future generation with the right set of skills and take the path of entrepreneurship to become future leaders and act as a catalyst of growth. We will also provide handholding and mentoring to a business plan to develop and implement it thoroughly for about six months.

The program’s objective is to develop a sense of independence, entrepreneurship, and curiosity in the minds of young children while having a lot of fun and enjoyment on the way.

14-18 years

3rd & 4th July

11.30 am to 12.15 pm

Rs. 600

Let's Learn About

Understand The Concept of Entrepreneurship

Skills Needed For Entrepreneurship

Idea Generation For Real-World Problem

6 months Handholding By a Pool of Mentors

What you will learn from the program:

  1. Who is an entrepreneur?
  2. Why learn entrepreneurship?
  3. Different types of ventures
  4. Can we be entrepreneurs?
  5. What skills are required of the entrepreneur?
  6. Is it possible to acquire or develop such skills or part of them?
  7. Idea generation for solving real-world problems.



  1. A laptop, PC, or a smartphone with zoom/GMeet installed in it
  2. Notebook with pen and pencil for activities
  3. Curiosity and inquisitiveness to become an entrepreneur
  4. An active and fresh mind

Dr. Vikas Rajput

Lead mentor

Dr Vikas Rajput, a PhD in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy, Vikas Rajput is the founding Director of PLRC. An Entrepreneurship educator from 2007, Vikas is a certified Master trainer from London Business School-NEN-Goldman Sachs and Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. He is a digital marketer and advises startups and SMEs to restructure and digitally promote their ventures. He has taught more than 5000 students at University level, motivating them to look at Entrepreneurship as an alternative career. He established PLRC in 2004 with an aim to promote sustainable living and entrepreneurship. Vikas is MBA in Marketing, MA in English and B.Sc Computers Science.


Dr. Nirmala Krishnan

Founder, ART TO CONNECT and THE 20s

Mr. Ratan Ghimere

Founder, Encamp Adventures

Shabana Hussain

Founder, BoostaBrain

Amitav Dutta

Founder, Learnshare Consulting

Akanksha Sethi

Marketing Expert, MBA, IIM Amritsar

Shilpi Sikha Phukan

Social Impact Expert, JNU, Delhi

Richa Guha

Finance Expert

Terms & Conditions

  • Age group 14-18 years old
  • Fees: 600 per participant inclusive of GST.
  • Top 10 written assignments/business idea will be provided mentoring and handholding support for 6 months by a pool of mentors.
  • Sessions will be conducted through the GMeet/Zoom platform
  • Participating group school should appoint a Single Point of Contact for the program (in case of school participation)
  • 10% of the fee collected can be retained by the school for administration expenses (in case of school participation)

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