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Edu Talks is envisioned as a professional learning platform for all educators and will maintain a balance between latest educational research and innovative teaching practice. It aims to offer the latest on professional development; curriculum development; leadership and management; early education and policy issues prevailing in the current education scenario. The periodical will focus on understanding and addressing the needs of educators, promoting quality teaching and leadership, and supporting institutional improvement

LearnShare Consulting


Edu Talks is published by LearnShare Consulting, an educational startup initiated by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the education and publishing industry. The focus is to provide a one stop solution and tailored services to schools across India and the South Asian region. Our mission is to enhance the teaching and learning environment in schools and educational institutions and also to build the capacity of educators to advance all aspects of student achievement and well-being. With close links and network with leading Educators, Academicians and School Heads and senior figures within the education and publishing industry we are proud to offer expert advice and services that puts your institute at the center of the process.

LearnShare Consulting has a panel of expert consultants and advisers, who are close to schools, children and learning – this keeps them sharp and focused on what it is that makes a difference.

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Value Added Services


Printing Solutions For Schools

Teacher Development



LearnShare team has extensive experience in the publishing industry and have tied up with all major national and international publishing house including Pearson, Penguin,Tata McGraw Hill, Scholastic, Macmillan, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Hachette, Harper Collins, Rupa, Ratna Sagar , S Chand etc for the supply of quality reading materials for school library. LearnShare can also act as a one-stop-shop for helping your school in setting up the library and delivering books and resources befitting the schools specific needs. LearnShare also can help authors in publishing, marketing and distribution of their books on school education. Get your manuscript ready to sell with help from the LearnShare team. Our publishing services include editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting. The team can help extensively in promoting the title through a large distribution network pan India. Our publishing services team will also provide conceptual consultancy on which readers do you want to appeal to with your book Which competitors are in this market segment and how can your book be positioned in the marketplace?

Author and Storytelling session

Author and Storytelling sessions are been used by schools as part of Storytelling Weeks, Book Weeks, or even just as a special treat for the end of term. Many schools find author session and story telling sessions as an excellent addition to their literacy development, helping children to understand the importance of words and encouraging them to take a greater interest in literacy. LearnShare have hand-
picked a team of the finest authors and storytellers who are as passionate about making the client’s journey enjoyable as they are about making the story great.

Book Fairs

(PTMs, Annual Day, Book Weeks etc)

LearnShare can help build excitement around reading in your school by providing your students with a wide selection of their favourite books. Studies have shown that students who read just 20 minutes each day are exposed to more than one million words in a year. They also score better on tests than their peers who read less. During the exhibition, books are grouped by age or grade-level, so it’s easy for kids to find characters and subjects they love and want to read about. LearnShare can also provide promotional tools to help the school create awareness and an exciting reading environment.

Teacher Development

LearnShare can conduct teacher development program in a variety of content areas depending on the requirement of the individual school. The programs can focus on student-centered teaching methodology, encouraging teachers to adapt their teaching to multiple learning styles and drawing upon students' experience. LearnShare will discuss with the client school to identify those factors that can contribute to strengthening desired performance and outcomes, and then developing targeted
training as appropriate.

Printing solutions for schools

We offer a one-stop solution to schools and other academic institutions where they can source all their printing needs. We offer a competitive price with an outstanding service on all types of printed forms from school prospectuses, almanac, full-color brochures, ID card badges, lanyards, etc.