Because Creative Writing is NOT JUST ABOUT STORIES. It is also about:

➢ Content Creating
➢ Media, Communication and Journalism
➢ Advertising
➢ Script-writing and Editing
➢ Conveying ideas in purely technical areas
➢ Public Speaking
➢ Building overall relationships

Forming the Basis of Creativity with CORE Skills

➢ One-Hour Sessions twice a week
➢ 8 Sessions
➢ INTRODUCTION : Forming the Basis of Creativity with CORE Skills
➢ Framework of Creative Writing
➢ Enabling imagination with brainstorming
➢ Fine-tuning Language : The Role of
✓ Metaphors and Similes
✓ Personification
✓ Alliteration
✓ Styles and Descriptive Imagery
✓ Dialogue and Quotation
➢ Twist-in-Tale with Conflict and Genre experimentation
➢ Understanding the FAT BEE Technique
➢ Prompts, Experience-based sharing and Writing        Assignments
➢ WriteAids and the REAL Checklist

Amitav Dutta



SESSION 1   Introduction (Importance of CORE Skills and Framework of Creative Writing).

SESSION 2   Brainstorming with Participant ideas and Structure in a story.

SESSION 3   LANGUAGE Role of Metaphors and Similes/ Personification/ Alliteration/ Styles/Description/ Dialogue and Quotation.

SESSION 4   Twist-in-Tale /Conflict/ Experimenting with genre.

SESSION 5   Prompts/ Practice/Short Assignment.

SESSION 6   Understanding Behaviour for the better expression ‘The FAT BEE Technique’.

SESSION 7   Experience-based sharing, explaining which genre and tone they belong to/writing.

SESSION 8   The REAL Checklist (Read, Edit, Analyse,  Learn)

  • WriteAids
  • Anecdote Sharing for interaction and fluency

SESSION 9   How to get your works published

SESSION 10   Interaction with Guest Author

Terms For Participation

  • Age group 8-11 and 12-15 years old
  • Minimum 15 registrations per school.
  • Fees: 1500 per participant inclusive of GST.
  • Dates will be mutually agreed upon with the schools.
  • The written assignments will be published as an e-book for onward distribution among all students of the school/school group.
  • Sessions will be conducted through the Zoom platform
  • 10% of the fee collected can be retained by the school for administration expenses
  • Participating school should appoint a Single Point of Contact for the program
  • Schools also have the option to combine with other group schools/school network in case the number of participants is less than 15

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